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Rely on Dryer Vent Specialists for Proper Dryer Lint Cleaning

Cleaning dryer vents and the rest of the dryer from lint buildup is extremely important. Here at Mighty Ducts Dryer and Vent Cleaning, we have the required equipment and experience to perform complete dryer vent maintenance. Our professional dryer lint cleaning service is at the disposal of residential clients located in Old Bridge, NJ at competitive rates, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment!

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Why Is Dryer Lint Cleaning Important

Lint is released by many types of fabrics and it is one of the main particles that can accumulate in a dryer. It usually causes a buildup and blockages in the lint trap, the dryer vent, and the ductwork. As the buildup increases, the efficiency of the dryer diminishes because of the constricted and decreasing airflow. That means that your dryer will be working extra hard and using more electricity to achieve the same results. Additionally, lint buildup is a very serious fire hazard. It’s highly flammable and, when exposed to the hot air from the dryer long enough, it could catch fire. This is why timely dryer lint cleaning is highly advised.

We Ensure Impeccable Lint Cleaning

Here at Mighty Ducts Dryer and Vent Cleaning, we know how to safely and efficiently remove lint buildup from the vents, ductwork, and the lint trap. Our specialists arrive punctually. We bring with us the necessary equipment for detailed vent cleaning and lint removal. It’s strongly advised to have the vents and ducts cleaned of lint buildup on a yearly basis. The dryer lint trap should be cleaned more often for better performance and safety. We are detail-oriented and do a clean job, so our clients won’t have to worry about having to do a lot of cleanup after our service.

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